We have successfully completed an impressive variety of construction projects. Our management processes have significantly benefited from the experience we have gained in project management. We now employ systems and methods that have been honed during our many years in the business.

The projects below demonstrate our ability to manage and construct a huge variety of jobs for clients in all sectors and budgets. We also believe that these projects exemplify our philosophy of achieving great results by keeping things simple.

Example #1: Remodel & Addition

Example #1: Remodel & Addition

Project: Second Floor, Kitchen, and Family Room Addition
Project location: Bethesda, MD
Property: Small single-level home with limited living space.
Problem: Single Story Home with 725 square feet. This home was too small and cramped to accommodate their family of 5 which included their 3 children. The kitchen was outdated and they needed more than one bathroom.

To address the problems, we considered several factors.

  • They would need enough living space to accommodate 5 people.
  • They had space around their home that could be used for external expansion.
  • Their current home was a single-story structure that could be expanded upwards.

Our solution:

We added a second story to their current home and expand the total living space in the main floor by moving the bedrooms to the new floor. Each member of the family received a new bedroom of their own with huge closets, while the parents received a new master suite and bath.

The kitchen was completely remodeled with new appliances, cabinets, flooring and more. We also created a new family room for everyone to enjoy.


In total, we added over 3200 square feet to the home, which provided enough living space, storage, and utility for the entire family.

Example #2: Kitchen Remodel & Patio Construction

Example #2: Kitchen Remodel & Patio Construction

Project: Kitchen Remodel
Project Location: Rockville, MD

This family loved their home but were unhappy with their small, outdated kitchen and dining area. They wanted a space where they could entertain and have the family over for holidays. They also wanted to have a space outdoors where they could entertain guests during the warm summer months and where they could go to relax during the cold winter nights.

Our solution was to open up the kitchen and dining room area and to design a covered patio area where they could entertain all year round.